the random elements

Not sure how it works yet, but there is something which has the appearance of a train that is believed to take the dead to the afterlife. The train appears and disappears at random and no-one really knows what it is and where it goes, but all of the worlds have complex rituals around caring for the dead until the train can collect their spirits.

The magic-couch:

Fugenavis found an armchair abandoned and adrift in space. They brought it aboard and discovered it had a special magical property – whenever a new person sits on the couch, the couch immediately expands to have another seat (just pops into existence, from an armchair to a 2-seater, to a 3-seater etc).  If the same person sits on the couch, it does not expand (it recognises the DNA of that specific person). Realising the problem this could create if the couch does not have a limit on how many additional seats it grows, the science ducks keep it under lock and key so that no-one can sit on it and keep expanding it. It has become legendary and mythical as a result. Some believe it doesn’t even exist. Others spend their lives trying to earn the trust of the science ducks so that they too can sit on the magic-couch.